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The Logger Shop specializes in high quality, new and used logging equipment, as well as affordable, homeowner and commercial lawn and garden products. At the Logger Shop, we offer friendliness, honesty, and our large inventory caters to your many needs. We service everything that we sell so you can rest assured that you are in the right hands.


Ryan's DS-28C2

Operation of Ryan's DS-28C2 courtesy of Kevin Stallings
In Kevin's logging operation, this cutting head is used to cut timber, cut logs to desired length, and separate and load logs onto the log trailer.
Our Ryan's heads can make your operation more efficient, more productive, and more safe.
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Ryan's Fixed rotating grapple saw

Ryan's Fixed Rotating Grapple Saw

Ryan’s Fixed Rotating Grapple saw is our newest product that has the ruggedness of our grapple line, but

with our toughest saw we make! Our new grapple saw is built with specialized hardened steel that can grab

multiple logs or large single log. The 37” Bar and chain can cut up to a 28” tree! Our rotators are overbuilt

to withstand the punishment of elements that you will endure. Ryan’s Fixed Rotating Grapple saw is a

perfect set-up for any situation you find.

Three sizes available. Call for more info!


With a 33" bar and a 26" cut capacity, the Xcabeaver is what you need to get the job done. Call today for more info!


Ryan's DS20

Max Opening:28"
Single Cut Cap.:20”
Saw Bar:28”
Saw Chain:3/4 pitch
Sprocket:9 tooth
Chain Oil Res.8 gal
Rotator:Baltrotor GR16
Motor:25cc / or 34cc
Weight:1500 lbs
Carrier:10-15 ton

Ryan's DS28C

Max Opening:38"
Single Cut Cap.:30"
Saw Bar:37"
Saw Chain:3/4 pitch
Sprocket:9 tooth
Chain Oil Res.8 gal
Rotator:Rotobec R6500
Weight:3200 lbs
Carrier:14-25 ton excavator


Ryan's DS3550

Max Opening:42"
Single Cut Cap.:35"
Saw Bar:43"
Saw Chain:3/4 pitch
Sprocket:9 tooth
Chain Oil Res.10 gal
Rotator:Rotobec 505
Weight:4,000 lbs
Carrier:20 - 30 ton excavator